Sunday, June 19, 2016

Liberals and Orlando

Since the Orlando shootings Liberals have scrambled to come up with an explanation that does not involve saying the word "muslim." And so we initially got the blame-the-gun excuse.  MSNBC anchors queried local reporters endlessly about the number of rounds that Omar Mateen's weapon could fire. Liberals have never really grasped the calculus that a determined killer could bring four or five or six guns or four or five or six ammunition clips and kill just as many people as they could with an assault rifle.  Focusing on the gun gives them the moral high ground, so they think, because they naively believe the answer is legislative. Ban that gun and these killings will stop!

Perhaps sensing some leakage in this approach, Liberals turned next to a convenient bogey man: the NRA. And so the New York Daily News outrageously blamed the carnage on a legal organization made up of law-abiding citizens. The NRA can defend itself and did.

Meanwhile President Obama played true to form, scolding Americans who even so much as thought the words "radical Islam." The best take on the matter came from whoever first said: Obama was madder at Trump than he was at the killer. These horrific events have always presented an American president with a brief opportunity to console and calm the country. Not so with Obama. He uses them to criticize Republicans.

Unable to conjure up a coherent narrative, more than a few Liberals latched on to a truly bizarre argument: Fundamentalist Christians are just as bad. We are not making this up!  There is simply no way to respond to that and so we won't.

Along the way Liberals tried out a few more story lines including that Mateen was a self-loathing gay and/or that this was a hate crime against the Bisexual-Lesbian-Transvestite (BLT) community. None of these generated too much traction.

Which leaves us now with the emerging Liberal explanation (and one that they have tried to downplay in the past in order to keep the focus on the AR-15): mental illness. RedStateVT has written many times of the role that mental illness plays in mass killings and it absolutely deserves to be examined here. 

Also worth examining further, of course, is radical Islamic-inspired terrorism.

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