Sunday, June 12, 2016

Congratulations America! You Are Pre-Qualified for a New President

The Hillary Clinton campaign has settled on its over-arching rationale for why she merits the presidency. She is QUALIFIED. More than that, though, she is the MOST qualified. Arguably the most qualified EVER. Even Obama has now admitted this. And if there is anything that Obama knows about it is the qualifications for the presidency. Having had none of them. 

The sum total of Obama's qualifications were:

He is black.

He was raised by a single mother.

He had an exotic name.

For a political party absolutely obsessed with identity politics, Obama was the dream candidate.

During his time as a junior senator Obama had no legislative accomplishments.  In lieu of taking a position on proposed legislation, he usually voted "present." This was the candidate that Democrats foisted on America in 2008. Now they want to talk about qualifications.

So let's look at Hillary Clinton's qualifications. 

She is a former first lady. So we've got a bit of the Eva Peron thing going. 

She was handed the job of senator from New York having had zero connection to the state during her entire life. In preparation for the job, she went on a "listening tour." Based on her legislative efforts, New Yorkers apparently told her not to do anything. 

Obama then made Clinton his secretary of state. In that role, she helped to bring stability to the Middle East, tamed Vlad Putin's territorial ambitions and negotiated a strict deal with the Iranian mullahs curbing their nuclear program. 

Well, not really. Although she did travel a lot. Over a million miles, they say. 

Donald Trump may or may not be qualified to be president. But the fact of the matter is that Democrats have lost the right to talk about "being qualified" as a requirement for the job.

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