Thursday, June 30, 2011

If Dogs Run Free

Over and Done
And then they’re saying,  "Obama has got to step in. You need to be here. I’ve been here. I’ve been doing Afghanistan and Bin Laden and the Greek crisis. You stay here. Let’s get it done." (NYT, 6/30/2011)

Obama's campaign strategy comes to light: "I've been too busy catching Bin Laden to focus on the economy."  

Arts and Crooks
Two years ago, arts in corrections programs were a mainstay of prisons across the country, embraced by administrators as a way to channel aggression, break down racial barriers, teach social skills and prepare inmates for the outside world. There was an arts coordinator in each of the 33 California state prisons, overseeing a rich variety of theater, painting and dance. But these programs have become a fading memory, casualties of the budget crises that have overwhelmed state and local governments nationwide.  (NYT, 6/30/2011)

Loved this one! The little darlings have lost their paints and crayons. What ever happened to breaking rocks?

Broad Daylight
In a press conference Wednesday, Chittenden County State's attorney T.J. Donovan announced that he would not pursue the criminal charge-- neglect of duty-- following a 6-month investigation into Burlington Telecom's operations. City officials did violate BT's state license and the city charter when they used taxpayer dollars to fund the municipal utility. But Donovan says he can't justify going to trial considering the maximum penalty for the offense is 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine. (, 6/30/2011)

$17 million is stolen and Burlington's Progressive mafia gets a pass.  You can't make this stuff up.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Money In The Bank

Lock and Key
Several readers point out another key difference between Bachmann and Palin — their approach to criticism. Bachmann, at least so far in the campaign, has shown a willingness to acknowledge mistakes she makes on the campaign trail. Palin is notorious for doubling-down on perceived missteps, typically blaming a biased media for not telling the whole story. (The Fix - Washington Post, 6/28/2011)

The liberal media just love to talk about Republican "mistakes."  Witness the standard question asked of George Bush at press conferences: "Mr. President, can you talk about the biggest mistake you have made as president?"  Such question which has been sidelined for the past three years.

Revert To Form
One of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s top advisers met with the operators of the Indian Point nuclear plant last week and told them that the governor was determined to close the plant. (NYT, 6/29/2011)

Fresh off standing up to the public unions, Cuomo channels his inner Shumlin and turns his focus to the really important issues: closing down a major supplier of cheap energy and gay marriage.

There Are No Words
At the State Department this week, gay diplomats and bureaucrats held their annual celebration of gay-pride month, which included a roundtable discussion of efforts to promote gay rights overseas. Don Steinberg, the deputy administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, decreed: “Our mission must be to promote social and legal equality for the LGBT community.”  (Dana Milbank, Washington Post, 6/29/2011)

Did anyone else see this?  The State Department has an "annual celebration of gay-pride month?"  Has the government gone absolutely insane?  The mission of the State Department "must be to promote social and legal equality for the LGBT community?"  Are they kidding?  How about this?  How about an annual State Department celebration of the Creator?  Or of America's legacy of aid and charity to poor nations?  Or of patriotism?  Or of the triumph of democracy?  Or of....well, you get it.  We can't mention God in the classroom, but the State Department can celebrate gay-pride month.  This country is off its rocker.  Stop the insanity. Vote Republican.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When The Levee Breaks

Spinning Platters
President Obama’s $35,800-a-plate fund-raising dinner was the talk of Wall Street last week.  Held at Daniel, the Michelin three-star restaurant of Daniel Boulud on the Upper East Side, the event was seen as a test of the president’s popularity among the deep-pocketed financiers he has often vilified but has long relied on to finance his campaign. The tables were filled with moneymen like Marc Lasry, the billionaire founder of the hedge fund Avenue Capital; Robert Wolf, the chief executive of UBS Group Americas; and Mark T. Gallogly, a co-founder of Centerbridge Partners. (Dealbook, NYT, 6/27/2011)

Two points: Dems and Obama are the party of Wall Street; Wall Street deserves all the rhetoric and regulation that Obama throws their way.

Joke Is On Us
Mr. Blagojevich’s impeachment, removal from office and evolution into a punch line on late-night television threatened the Democratic Party’s political hold on the state, created an outcry to overhaul lax state campaign finance and public records laws, and led to added scrutiny of some of this city’s best-known politicians, including Mr. Obama, Rahm Emanuel (the president’s former chief of staff and now Chicago’s mayor) and Representative Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (NYT, 6/228/2011)

Well not that much scrutiny, really.

Other Than
The opponents (of gay marriage) have no case other than ignorance and misconception and prejudice. (Richard Cohen, Washington Post, 6/27/2011)

Thanks for the insightful analysis, Mr. Cohen.  All this time we thought that the "case" of opponents of gay marriage was based on thousands of years of historical and sociological convention and/or deeply held religious beliefs.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tied To The Mast

Welcome To The Jungle
The Los Angeles Times published an investigative report Sunday that found (Michele) Bachmann and her family have benefited personally from government aid even as the congresswoman campaigns against federal spending.(Washington Post, 6/27/2011)

The LA Times also published the final results of its investigation of Barack Obama's shady Chicago real estate deal with convicted felon Tony Rezko.  Just kidding!

All The Time
Republicans and outside critics also have honed in on the political connections of some companies that have received federal help. The most attention has focused on Solyndra, a Silicon Valley solar company that ran into financial trouble after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee commitment. Last week, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee pressed the Office of Management and Budget to account for its role in the selection. Obama visited Solyndra’s factory in May 2010, only weeks after it became public that independent auditors had questioned whether it could remain a “going concern.” (Washington Post, 6/27/2011)

It doesn't matter.  If it's green, they love it.

Times Themes
No fewer than five - count em, five - gay-themed stories this morning on the New York Times website.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Obama and the Politics of Gay Marriage

President Obama's position on gay marriage is described as "evolving."  Given his previous support (before he was running for president) does anyone doubt in which direction his opinion is evolving toward?  Put it another way, Obama is - by all the evidence - a liberal.  He publicly supports redistribution of wealth, abortion, all things "green," etc.  All are essential planks of the liberal doctrine.  So on the single issue of gay marriage we are supposed to believe that Obama suddenly has a less-than-liberal thought.  It is utter nonsense.  Obama's position is politics, pure and simple.  Here is how it goes.

During his first run for the presidency, Obama's pollsters told him that he could not come out in support of gay marriage.  The majority of Americans are opposed to it and it would hurt his chances.  And so he instead supported civil unions - short of what his gay supporters wanted.  No doubt discussions took place between his team and the gay community....discussions along the lines of "let's get this guy elected first and then we can support your cause when the time is right."  Well three quarters of the way through his term, the gay community begins to press the issue.  "He's not our guy, after all" some complain.  The pressure is on.

Obama's team knows that he must shore up his gay base for his next run.  And so he heads to a New York fundraiser of his gay supporters.  He is met with a mostly positive reception with only a few calls for him to support gay marriage.  What happened?  The same thing as before.  No doubt the Obama re-election advance team sat down with the leaders of the gay community.  The conversation probably went along the lines of...hey, we are on your side, but it's been a bear of a first term what with the mess that Bush left us with, etc.  Then again: "let's get this guy re-elected first and then we can support your cause."  After all then there will be no third term to worry about.

If Obama is re-elected, look for the completion of the "evolution" of his thinking shortly thereafter.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Got The Ebb, Got The Flow

Sadly Indeed
Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat and Senate majority leader, also said he expected that the talks would resume at a higher level, though he provided no timetable. “With what Kyl and Cantor’s done, I think it’s in the hands of the speaker and the president and, sadly, probably me,” he told reporters. (NYT, 6/24/2011)

A great nation weeps.

Hazy Crazy
Part of that cult of personality is the myth that he is the World's Greatest Orator, a myth the (New York) Times evokes with its hazy recollections of times when he was "highly persuasive." When was he highly persuasive? When he sold the public on the so-called stimulus and ObamaCare? When he campaigned for Democrats in 2010? When he rallied public support for his last change in Afghan policy, an increase in the U.S. troop presence? (James Taranto, WSJ, 6/24/2011)

Good one from Taranto.  Notwithstanding the endless gaffes and the instantly forgettable speeches, the Left clings to the "Obama the Orator" script.

Posit This
“It is time to focus on nation-building here at home,” Obama says, in a line that would be trite and cynical at a campaign rally. In a wartime presidential address, it is beyond precedent and belief. A president provides for the common defense and promotes the general welfare, instead of positing a dangerous choice between the two. (Michael Gerson, Washington Post, 6/24/2011)

Our emphasis....because it is such an incredibly good point.

Ways and Means
Over the last decade, we have spent a trillion dollars on war, at a time of rising debt and hard economic times.  Now, we must invest in America’s greatest resource –- our people.  We must unleash innovation that creates new jobs and industries, while living within our means.  We must rebuild our infrastructure and find new and clean sources of energy. (President Obama, Address to the Nation on Afghanistan, 6/22/2011)

Time to get out of Afghanistan so that we can focus on those green jobs. By the way, it seems we have been waiting , like forever, for that solar-powered car.

Super Duper
The contributors to House Majority PAC, the new Democratic Super PAC, reads like a Glenn Beck fever dream. The list includes George Soros, a hedge fund billionaire and long-time backer of political efforts to elect Democrats, and a collection of unions, including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Associated Federal, State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME). (Huffington Post, 6/24/2011)

Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers will now accept Democrat apologies.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


If Only
Only hours after Mr. Obama spoke, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said on Thursday that he would also begin drawing down the 4,000-strong French contingent in Afghanistan. (NYT, 6/23/2011)

Ahhh the French... If they are not raping hotel chambermaids, they are using any excuse to run from the fight.

Rancor Free!
The negotiations between Mr. Cuomo and the union, which represents about a third of the 186,000 state workers, were largely free of the public rancor that accompanied efforts to reduce spending on labor in New Jersey and Wisconsin. (NYT, 6/23/2011)

And why, RedStateVT wonders was there an absence of rancor?  Likely it is pure politics.  Unions know that they have to make concessions so they quietly roll over for Dem govs like Cuomo and Deval Patrick, while Walker in Wisconsin and Christie in New Jersey get the full faux outrage of the Left.  We do wonder whether Cuomo has a secret "make whole" deal with the unions.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Once In A Lifetime

Former Vice President Al Gore harshly criticizes President Obama for lack of leadership on climate change in a magazine essay published online Wednesday, saying that he had barely moved American policy on global warming since assuming the presidency from George W. Bush. (NYT, 6/22/2011)

Pity President Obama.  First Dennis Kucinich calls him out on Libya.  Then the gays say he is no longer their guy.  And now "Ethanol Al" Gore piles on.

Of course Gore uses the occasion to provide a well reasoned and thoughtful analysis of the global warming issue.  Just kidding!  Here is what he says:

“The climate crisis, in reality, is a struggle for the soul of America,” he concludes, using the voice of prophet and pedant that he has assumed on this topic for more than 20 years. “It is about whether or not we are still capable — given the ill health of our democracy and the current dominance of wealth over reason — of perceiving important and complex realities clearly enough to promote and protect the sustainable well-being of the many. What hangs in the balance is the future of civilization as we know it.” 

Of course, we need to roll over to Fox to be reminded that global warming is about nothing more than providing research grants to "friendly" scientists:

The NASA scientist who once claimed the Bush administration tried to "silence" his global warming claims is now accused of receiving more than $1.2 million from the very environmental organizations whose agenda he advocated. (, 6/22/2011)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Any News Was Good News

Everybody's Everything
The Obama administration has long been bumbling along in the footsteps of its predecessor when it comes to sacrificing Americans’ basic rights and liberties under the false flag of fighting terrorism. Now the Obama team seems ready to lurch even farther down that dismal road than George W. Bush did. Everyone wants to keep America safe. But under President Bush and now under President Obama, these changes have occurred without any real discussion about whether the supposed added security is worth the harm to civil liberties. (NYT, 6/18/2011)

Heads up to President Obama.  If the Times is after you, chances are you are doing the right thing.  Also, another clue that the other side is wrong is when they use the construction: "Everyone wants......but."  It is a dead giveaway that, in fact, they do not want (or in this case truly believe that there is an issue) what they say they want.

Vote Early, Vote Often
An attack on the right to vote is underway across the country through laws designed to make it more difficult to cast a ballot. If this were happening in an emerging democracy, we’d condemn it as election-rigging....The laws in question include requiring voter identification cards at the polls, limiting the time of early voting, ending same-day registration and making it difficult for groups to register new voters. (E.J. Dionne Jr. Washington Post, 6/19/2011)

Why is it that when Republicans want to enforce the laws (e.g. show your ID when you want to cross the border into this country or when you vote), liberals like Dionne immediately scream discrimination?  Dionne and his crowd still live in a world where white intimidation scares helpless blacks from the ballot box.  It is insulting to Republicans and even more insulting to African-Americans.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Never Did No Wandering

President Obama rejected the views of top lawyers at the Pentagon and the Justice Department when he decided that he had the legal authority to continue American military participation in the air war in Libya without Congressional authorization, according to officials familiar with internal administration deliberations. (NYT, 6/17/2011)

Shredding the Constitution! War Crimes! Impeach the President!  Funny how the rhetoric disappears when the Left's guy is in charge.  

Which brings us to Dennis Kucinich.  RedStateVT has had a fine time mocking Kucinich over the years.  But as we think about, he is the only one on the Left who has shown any consistency.  He went after Bush and he is going after Obama.  For that, RedStateVT applauds him today.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shine Up The Battle Axes

War on Technology!
Earlier in the week, at a jobs council meeting, the president was called out for saying that "shovel-ready projects' weren't quite as shovel-ready as he thought. Then later, in an interview with NBC News, Obama suggested that innovation and technology -- like job-stealing ATMs -- were reasons why the employment rate was not rebounding as quickly as he had hoped. (, 6/17/2011)

And the Left derides Sarah Palin!

Boehner had minimum financial holdings of $2 million at the end of 2010....Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), along with her husband, Paul, a San Francisco real-estate magnate and financial investor, were worth a minimum of $42 million at the end of 2010. (Washington Post, 6/15/2011)

In a breathless article, the Post divulges that 'the House is controlled by Republican millionaires.' OMG! John Boehner may be worth $2 million or more.  Then, because they knew they would get called on it, the Post slips in Pelosi's net worth: more than twenty times that of Boehner! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flood Stage

New York Times Website Headlines - 6/15/2011
California Judge Upholds a Ruling on Gay Marriage.
Gay Marriage Bill is One Vote Shy of Clearing State Senate.
Television Review: Life with a Gay Ex-Husband- It Happens.

The Times solidifies its place as THE voice of gay America.

Come To The Cabaret
First they targeted former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Now the glitterati have struck former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, in hopes of drawing attention to his opposition to the policy priorities of both gay and women's rights advocates. On Thursday, representatives from the groups Reproductive Rights and CODEPINK showered Pawlenty with sparkly pink confetti at a book signing for his memoir, "Courage to Stand, held at a private health insurance conference he attended, for a fee, in San Francisco. The activists demanded "courage" from the Republican presidential candidate on both reproductive rights and LGBT issues. (Huffington Post, 6/16/2011)

Just a thought for the gay rights crowd: throwing pink confetti is NOT going to help your image.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
President Barack Obama is decidedly "not [the left's] boyfriend anymore," progressive supporters of gay- and immigrant-rights said on Thursday, rebuking the White House for breaking promises to the left while also asking them for money. (Huffington Post, 6/16/2011)

RedStateVT made these points a year or so ago: You can never make the Left happy and watch out when they turn on you.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Debris Field

To The Max
Ms. Bachmann made maximum use of her appearance, taking the unique step of using the occasion to formally announce that she was running for president — until then she had been only exploring a run — and to introduce herself as “a former federal tax litigation attorney,” as a businesswoman and as a mother and foster parent. (NYT, 6/14/2011)

Another Republican woman with solid credentials.  Look for the Left to savage her.

The Mouths of Babes
President Barack Obama says his wife and daughters aren't "invested" in him being president and would have been fine had he decided against running for re-election. (NYT, 6/14/2011)

Works for us, too!

Won't Say
The White House says President Obama believes Rep. Anthony Weiner's actions have been "inappropriate" and a "distraction."  But spokesman Jay Carney wouldn't say whether the president thinks the New York Democrat should resign -- something other Democratic leaders have called for.  (Washington Post, 6/13/2011)

Other distractions for Obama include the economy and unemployment.  Both take time away from his first love: social re-engineering.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Stranger Is Putting The Squeeze On

ACLU Alert
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is giving significant new powers to its roughly 14,000 agents,  allowing them more leeway to search databases, go through household trash or use surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention. (NYT, 6/13/2011)

Shredding the Constitution.....police state....impeach Bush....Cheney is a terrorist....oh, wait. Obama is now the President. 

Back to the Till
A few weeks before announcing his re-election campaign, President Obama convened two dozen Wall Street executives, many of them longtime donors, in the White House’s Blue Room....The event, organized by the Democratic National Committee, kicked off an aggressive push by Mr. Obama to win  back the allegiance of one of his most vital sources of campaign cash — in part by trying to convince Wall Street that his policies, far from undercutting the investor class, have helped bring banks and financial markets back to health.  (NYT, 6/13/2011)

Remind us again.....which is the party of Wall Street fatcats? A RedStateVT prediction: Wall Street's Dems will suck it up and give generously again to Obama.  And if he is re-elected, Obama will again stick it to them.  They deserve each other.

Out of Ammo
From within the exclusively demand-side context of the president's economic policy, there are no more bullets in the carbines. This president is now virtually defenseless against the inexorable forces of the U.S. economy. (Daniel Henninger, WSJ, 6/8/2011)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

As Told To

Listen to RedStateVT
When Gov. Rick Perry invited fellow governors to join him on Aug. 6 for “a day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our troubled nation,” some speculated that he was trying to raise his national visibility for a possible presidential run....Whatever the goals, his plan has drawn strong protests from advocates for the separation of church and state, who say an elected leader should not be leading what looks to be, in effect, an evangelical Christian revival. Gay rights groups are also objecting because Mr. Perry  placed the event in the hands of conservative religious groups that not only oppose gay marriage but also stridently condemn homosexuality. (NYT, 6/12/2011)

Mr. Verde, a 31-year-old law student and aviation consultant, was one of roughly three dozen openly gay aspiring politicians who spent last weekend in a hotel conference room here for a crash course in campaign strategy. Run by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which works to elect gay men and lesbians from both parties to public office, the three-day session offered stark evidence of how far gay politicians have come — and how quickly. (NYT, 6/12/2011)

So gay groups demand separation of church and state. How about this? Separation of sexuality and state.  Can everyone just get on board with RedStateVT's call to STOP TALKING about your sexuality? What people do is a personal matter. Why does it have to become a public matter?

Great profile of Representative Michele Bachmann in today's WSJ.  Must reading for those on the Left who reflexively demean any woman who is also a Republican.  Again we are reminded of Michelle Malkin's comment that any "minority" group member (woman, African-American, etc.) who is not a Democrat represents an "existential threat" to the Left.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leave of Absence

Unfrozen At Last
The release of Ms. Palin’s e-mails add nuance and depth to the portrait of a major political figure — and possible Republican presidential candidate — who is almost frozen in the perceptions of many of her supporters and her critics. (NYT, 6/11/2011)

Wonderfully deceptive writing by the Times!  It is not her supporters who ever had any doubt about her "depth."  It is her detractors.  (Take note Global View.)

Advice Column
The economy needs help, like direct federal job creation and options for homeowners to reduce the principal on troubled loans. (NYT, 6/11/2011)

The prescription for turning the economy around brought to you by the editors at the Times.  More public sector jobs and easier terms for mortgage deadbeats.  Wait...wasn't that what got us into this problem in the first place?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking Out My Back Door

Suddenly, the election theme has changed. The Republican line in 2010 was: He’s a leftist. Now it is: He’s a failure.   The issue is shifting from ideology to stewardship. (Charles Krauthammer, 6/10/2011)

Here is the scenario: Congressman Paul Ryan is caught in a tawdry sex scandal.  Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders call for his immediate resignation.  Ryan resigns even before pressure is brought to bear on him his own party.  Hypothetical, but in all likelihood this would be the chain of events.

Now an actual scandal!  Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is caught in an exceedingly tawdry sex scandal.  Nancy Pelosi calls for "an investigation."  Colonel Sanders says the following:

SANDERS: Well, I think what you're seeing there is a terrible personal tragedy and an embarrassment to the United States Congress. And I think Congressman Weiner will have to make that decision for himself.

BLITZER: But you're not saying he should resign?

SANDERS: I think that's his decision.
(, 6/9/2011)

Oh, and Weiner vows not to resign.  Ain't it grand?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Punish the Monkey

The headline screams: "Chris Christie Anti-Union Bill Would Restrict Collective Bargaining Rights." In the first line we learn that the head Dem in NJ.......supports the bill!

New Jersey's Republican governor and Democratic state Senate president reached a deal Wednesday on legislation that would make public employees pay more for pension and health benefits, but Assembly Democrats refused to go along, leaving the bill's prospects in doubt. (Huffington Post, 6/9/2011)

Meanwhile in NY, we learn that Democrat Governor Cuomo is do the exact same thing!

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, joining a parade of officials from across the country who are seeking to rein in spending by limiting public employees’ pensions, proposed Wednesday to broadly limit retirement benefits for new city and state workers in New York. (NYT, 6/8/2011)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who's Putting Sponge in the Bells I Once Rung?

Truly Deeply
One of Mr. Weiner’s most emotional apologies was delivered to former President Bill Clinton, who officiated at his wedding in July and is extremely close with the congressman’s wife, Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Clintons are deeply unhappy about the situation and with Mr. Weiner, people who had been told of their thinking said. (NYT, 6/8/2011)

Anyone else see the irony here?

Fully Deeply
"By fully explaining himself, apologizing to all he hurt and taking full responsibility for his wrongful actions, Anthony did the right thing," Mr. Schumer said. "He remains a talented and committed public servant, and I pray he and his family can get through these difficult times." (NYT, 6/8/2011)

Weiner apologist Schumer prays that he can get through these (self-inflicted) difficult times.

Apples and Oranges
Who could bear the thought that we are about to begin months of inquiries over whether Mr. Weiner sent seminaked pictures of himself to strangers from his personal BlackBerry or from a government-issued computer? Or whether he brought discredit on the House of Representatives? Having abetted nearly a decade of wars, and permitting fat cats to bring the economy to a state of collapse, Congress ought to be able to tolerate a few embarrassing and crude messages sent by one foolish man in Queens. (Jim Dwyer, NYT, 6/8/2011)

So - if we have this right - Dwyer believes that the Weiner scandal must be judged alongside the Bush wars and Wall Street greed.  Why stop there?  Maybe there is another "foolish man."  This one writes for the New York Times.

Truly Massive
This recession required — and very much still requires — a massive public employment program to fill the hole created by our offshoring private sector and Americans families’ towering debt. Such a program would have required a massive and brilliant sales job from Obama at the outset of his presidency, given the decades of the American right’s delegitimization of government. (Harold Myerson, Washington Post, 6/8/2011)

Just when states are finally working to undo the damage caused by out-of-control public employee unions (and their Democrat enablers), Myerson calls for.....more public employee hiring.

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said his company and his industry would be helped, not hurt, if consumers paid higher gas taxes. In an interview published in Tuesday's Detroit News, Akerson floated the idea of a $1 a gallon increase in the gas tax as a way to encourage buyers to purchase smaller, more fuel efficient cars. (, 6/7/2011)

So let's see if we have this right.  GM - a company that has never made money selling small cars even after setting up Saturn - a company specifically set up to manufacture and sell small cars competitively....and now defunct - now calls for a $1 gas tax to encourage more people to buy the small cars that it makes (unprofitably).  Anyone see a conflict of interest?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Far Gone

Lack of Clarity
The pace of the criminal investigation into Burlington Telecom concerns some city councilors. Nearly two years after the public learned that city officials had illicitly spent nearly $17 million of public money on the city-owned provider of television, Internet and phone service, it remains unclear if any official will be charged with a criminal offense. (Burlington Free Press, 6/5/2011)

Is it just RedStateVT or does the pace of justice seem to slow when Progressive misdeeds are uncovered?

Another Dumb Politician
At a news conference in Midtown Monday afternoon, Representative Anthony D. Weiner tearfully confessed to sending a photo of himself in his underwear to a woman via Twitter and then lying about it. Mr. Weiner said the indiscretion was part of a pattern of sending inappropriate and at times explicit photos and messages to women he met over the Internet. (NYT, 6/6/2011)

Should Weiner resign?  Absolutely not!  He is much more valuable to conservatives now.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cold Water

No American president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has won a second term in office when the unemployment rate on Election Day topped 7.2 percent. Seventeen months before the next election, it is increasingly clear that President Obama must defy that trend to keep his job. Roughly 9 percent of Americans who want to go to work cannot find an employer. Companies are firing fewer people, but hiring remains anemic. And the vast majority of economic forecasters, including the president’s own advisers, predict only modest progress by November 2012. (NYT, 6/1/2011)

No tears for Obama. Yes, the recession is a bear; however, he all but ignored it while ramming through his health care plan.

They Shall Overcome
Hundreds of supporters of Bradley Manning converged at Leavenworth, Kan., Saturday to rally for the Army private accused of leaking classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. Gathered outside the prison where Manning is currently being held, protesters denounced Manning's treatment and called on the White House to drop all charges against him. (Huffington Post, 6/5/11)

Supporters of the alleged traitor were decked out in the latest fashions and sang Lady Gaga songs.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed a bill into law on Thursday that allows the establishment of up to four dispensaries to sell marijuana and marijuana-related products to patients registered in the state’s medical marijuana program. (Providence Journal, 6/4/2011)

Tackling Vermont’s most pressing problems first, Shumlin legalizes pot.

It Has Been Reported
So here’s what happened: Late last week, the conservative Web site BigGovernment reported that someone using Weiner’s account on the social network Twitter had sent a message consisting of a picture of a man’s, shall we say, groin area. (Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, 6/2/2011)

Later in the week, Robinson reported about questions asked of Newt Gingrich about his personal life by the liberal New York Times. Just kidding!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last of the Duke Street Kings

Every Arab-Israeli negotiation contains a fundamental asymmetry: Israel gives up land, which is tangible; the Arabs make promises, which are ephemeral. (Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, 5/26/2011)

Just when we think that George Will is the most insightful analyst on the Middle East, along comes Charles Krauthammer.

One Republican with considerable campaign experience, who wouldn’t agree to be identified in order to be as candid as possible, called the “One Nation” bus tour that Palin and her family are on “a joke.” Another called it “an ill-conceived” venture as a precursor to a campaign. (Washington Post, 5/31/2011)

Taking a rest from beating up on Sarah Palin directly, the media now engages “unnamed” Republicans to carry the ball. Yeah, right… The biggest knocks on Palin continue to be 1) that she is not smart enough to be President (notwithstanding the marvelous successes of Democrat geniuses Carter, Clinton and Obama, and 2) she is not experienced enough (notwithstanding Democrats falling all over themselves to first support Hillary Clinton whose experience consisted of her time as a backwoods lawyer and then junior Senator Obama who voted “present” most of the time in order not to leave a trail….or maybe he just didn’t understand the issues).