Sunday, June 5, 2016

Berning Down The House

Even Bernie Sanders cannot believe his success. Sanders entered the presidential race after Elizabeth (Talking Bull) Warren declined to do so. Likely, the Bernster thought he could push the Democrat party platform a bit into Socialist territory. Little did he guess that he would be nipping at Hillary's heels.

Sanders has effectively tapped into the psyche of America's malcontents and grievance-mongers who believe the country has not given them enough. One of the surprises of this election season is just how large that group has become. Weep for America.

So - given that he will not get the nomination - what does Sanders do now? Well, if you were an aging Socialist with bad teeth, what would you do? We believe that Sanders will go for broke. 

Despite the early niceties, it is our view that Sanders despises the Clintons. Is a man who basically has one issue - Wall Street is evil - going to accept someone who has engorged herself on Wall Street's largess? Of course not. Look for Sanders to take the gloves off and Pillory Hillary!

Despite the inconvenient fact that Sanders is not even a Democrat, he will force a convention floor fight for the soul of the Democrat party, soon to be renamed the Democratic Socialist Party. Bern and his sycophants will take the gloves off.  Socialists have never shied from protest, never mind violence. It should make for quite spectacle.  

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