Thursday, November 17, 2016

What the Democrats Have Learned: Nothing

There is great news for Republicans!

Yes, Trump won the election, but while that is certainly good news, it is not the BEST news. The best news is that Democrats have learned exactly NOTHING from their humiliating defeat.

Hillary Clinton (The Most Qualified Person Ever to Run for President) has attributed her loss to James Comey. Let her think that. Let ALL Democrats think that. It will prevent them from seeing the real reason. Namely that they are out of touch with America. Well, technically, America outside of Hollywood and Manhattan.  

So because we want nothing more than to see future Democrat defeats, our advice for them includes the following:

-- Continue to seek support from Hollywood Liberals and use them to broadcast your message. There is nothing that middle America likes more than to be lectured by these nitwits.

-- Embrace Black Lives Matter....even more tightly. The average American enjoys watching lawless thugs burning and looting while accusing peace officers of murder.

-- Keep pushing the LGBTQRST agenda. Try to come up with something even more outrageous than allowing guys into the ladies bathroom. Then accuse those who object of bigotry. 

There was a time - and it was not that long ago - that Democrats held positions nearly identical to those held by today's Republicans. Bill Clinton said that marriage was between a man and a woman. Now a Republican who voices that view supports "hate." 

Clinton also said that abortion should be "rare, safe and legal." Undoubtedly, many Republicans who are not interested in refighting the abortion issue would silently acquiesce if this were the case. Instead, we get the current Democrat party position that abortion should be omnipresent and financed by the Catholic Church. 

By the way, here is a sidebar that we have been pondering. Democrats want publicly financed birth control AND publicly financed abortion. Shouldn't a transitional Republican position be something along the following lines? Hey, you can't have it both ways! You can't say: give me free birth control AND free abortions. Choose one.

In closing, we salute Democrats for their stunning inability to learn from their mistakes and urge them on. Elizabeth Warren for President! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Clintons Get Away With It


The Clintons ALWAYS get away with it.

Prepare for eight more years of this.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Common Sense Gun Reform

RedStateVT presents here for the first time a common sense idea for gun control that Liberals should be able to rally around. Here goes....

Conservatives will agree to ban AR-15 rifles if Liberals agree to outlaw abortion.

Brilliant isn't it?

Of course, more lives would be saved by banning abortion, but we are hoping that Liberals will abide.

Who said it?
“I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.”
The answer, of course, is Donald Trump. A mere ten years ago, Democrats would have signed on to this statement in a heartbeat. Now, it is considered bigoted. Weep for America.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Liberals and Orlando

Since the Orlando shootings Liberals have scrambled to come up with an explanation that does not involve saying the word "muslim." And so we initially got the blame-the-gun excuse.  MSNBC anchors queried local reporters endlessly about the number of rounds that Omar Mateen's weapon could fire. Liberals have never really grasped the calculus that a determined killer could bring four or five or six guns or four or five or six ammunition clips and kill just as many people as they could with an assault rifle.  Focusing on the gun gives them the moral high ground, so they think, because they naively believe the answer is legislative. Ban that gun and these killings will stop!

Perhaps sensing some leakage in this approach, Liberals turned next to a convenient bogey man: the NRA. And so the New York Daily News outrageously blamed the carnage on a legal organization made up of law-abiding citizens. The NRA can defend itself and did.

Meanwhile President Obama played true to form, scolding Americans who even so much as thought the words "radical Islam." The best take on the matter came from whoever first said: Obama was madder at Trump than he was at the killer. These horrific events have always presented an American president with a brief opportunity to console and calm the country. Not so with Obama. He uses them to criticize Republicans.

Unable to conjure up a coherent narrative, more than a few Liberals latched on to a truly bizarre argument: Fundamentalist Christians are just as bad. We are not making this up!  There is simply no way to respond to that and so we won't.

Along the way Liberals tried out a few more story lines including that Mateen was a self-loathing gay and/or that this was a hate crime against the Bisexual-Lesbian-Transvestite (BLT) community. None of these generated too much traction.

Which leaves us now with the emerging Liberal explanation (and one that they have tried to downplay in the past in order to keep the focus on the AR-15): mental illness. RedStateVT has written many times of the role that mental illness plays in mass killings and it absolutely deserves to be examined here. 

Also worth examining further, of course, is radical Islamic-inspired terrorism.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Congratulations America! You Are Pre-Qualified for a New President

The Hillary Clinton campaign has settled on its over-arching rationale for why she merits the presidency. She is QUALIFIED. More than that, though, she is the MOST qualified. Arguably the most qualified EVER. Even Obama has now admitted this. And if there is anything that Obama knows about it is the qualifications for the presidency. Having had none of them. 

The sum total of Obama's qualifications were:

He is black.

He was raised by a single mother.

He had an exotic name.

For a political party absolutely obsessed with identity politics, Obama was the dream candidate.

During his time as a junior senator Obama had no legislative accomplishments.  In lieu of taking a position on proposed legislation, he usually voted "present." This was the candidate that Democrats foisted on America in 2008. Now they want to talk about qualifications.

So let's look at Hillary Clinton's qualifications. 

She is a former first lady. So we've got a bit of the Eva Peron thing going. 

She was handed the job of senator from New York having had zero connection to the state during her entire life. In preparation for the job, she went on a "listening tour." Based on her legislative efforts, New Yorkers apparently told her not to do anything. 

Obama then made Clinton his secretary of state. In that role, she helped to bring stability to the Middle East, tamed Vlad Putin's territorial ambitions and negotiated a strict deal with the Iranian mullahs curbing their nuclear program. 

Well, not really. Although she did travel a lot. Over a million miles, they say. 

Donald Trump may or may not be qualified to be president. But the fact of the matter is that Democrats have lost the right to talk about "being qualified" as a requirement for the job.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton: First Female Woman to Capture Major Party Nomination!

In a groundbreaking and historic event, Hillary Clinton became the first female woman to win a major party nomination for president. While other female women have run as vice presidential candidates (Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah somebody...) Clinton has now broken through a once seemingly impenetrable barrier, no doubt opening the door for other female women to follow.  

And by the way, can we add that in addition to being a female woman, Clinton shattered another barrier?

Clinton is also a female woman grandmother!

History will long remember the moment that a soon-to-be-indicted female woman grandmother did the impossible. For today, let us just savor the moment.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Berning Down The House

Even Bernie Sanders cannot believe his success. Sanders entered the presidential race after Elizabeth (Talking Bull) Warren declined to do so. Likely, the Bernster thought he could push the Democrat party platform a bit into Socialist territory. Little did he guess that he would be nipping at Hillary's heels.

Sanders has effectively tapped into the psyche of America's malcontents and grievance-mongers who believe the country has not given them enough. One of the surprises of this election season is just how large that group has become. Weep for America.

So - given that he will not get the nomination - what does Sanders do now? Well, if you were an aging Socialist with bad teeth, what would you do? We believe that Sanders will go for broke. 

Despite the early niceties, it is our view that Sanders despises the Clintons. Is a man who basically has one issue - Wall Street is evil - going to accept someone who has engorged herself on Wall Street's largess? Of course not. Look for Sanders to take the gloves off and Pillory Hillary!

Despite the inconvenient fact that Sanders is not even a Democrat, he will force a convention floor fight for the soul of the Democrat party, soon to be renamed the Democratic Socialist Party. Bern and his sycophants will take the gloves off.  Socialists have never shied from protest, never mind violence. It should make for quite spectacle.