Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There is certainly a lot to say about the health care debate in this country, but let's start with BO's assertion that the public plan option is needed in order to “keep insurance companies honest.” RedStateVT wonders why the government would stop with health insurance providers. Why not offer a public option to keep the "auto insurance companies honest?" Wait a minute! Why limit the government's dishonesty prevention program to just insurance companies? This idea has legs! We could have an entire shadow network of government-run companies with the objective of keeping American industry honest. Worried about getting ripped off at the grocery store? Not to worry! Obama Foods will ensure that the consumer is not being ripped off by the local produce manager. Concerned that you might be getting a raw deal at the mall? Obama Dry Goods can give you peace of mind. The possibilities are endless.

And that, gentle readers, is called the slippery slope.......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Notes

The Cheney Dynasty
RedStateVT views Dick Cheney as a true American hero for his unwavering defense of the country. It has been great to see him out there firing warning shots across the bow of the Administration on the CIA interrogation issue. Now along comes daughter Liz Cheney, proving those are some pretty tough genes. Liz Cheney asks the following question:

“Mr. President, in a ticking time-bomb scenario, with American lives at stake, are you really unwilling to subject a terrorist to enhanced interrogation to get information that would prevent an attack?”


Our Biased Media
Fox News ran a story today about media coverage of the return of deceased American servicemen. You'll recall that during the Bush years, the media railed against the "secrecy" of the return to U.S. soil of the caskets of these American heroes. Of course, the underlying motivation for wanting to show these images was to somehow embarrass the Bush Administration. Well, as Fox reports, there is now much less interest in the subject. The Obama Administration lifted the ban and - in the absence of family objections - these pictures are now available. Only our biased media suddenly has lost interest. A cynic might say that the change in Presidents might have something to do with it.
And while we are on the subject, during the Bush years I seem to recall getting regular updates on the numbers of U.S. casualties. Any number with a "00" on the end (e.g. 100 dead, 500 dead, 2000 dead) was widely and loudly trumpeted. I don't remember hearing anything in recent months. Does anyone?


I finally got around to reading America Alone by Mark Steyn, one of my favorite commentators. Steyn has that rare combination of brilliance, humor and accessibility. A Canadian, Steyn continually reminds everyone of why America is great.

In America Alone, Steyn takes aim at Islamic fundamentalism, but from a unique vantage point. He focuses specifically on demographics, showing how declining birth rates of native populations in Europe are being overwhelmed by Muslim immigration and fertility. The result? Muslim populations in various Old World countries are growing at alarming rates. A problem? Only if you consider the failure (or unwillingness) of many Muslims to assimilate. Do the majority of Muslims in France, Great Britain or Holland identify with their adopted homeland? Steyn says no, and lays out considerable evidence for his conclusion. The result - now beginning to play out in these countries - is a bending of the cultural identity toward accommodation with the Muslim immigrants. In an effort not to upset their growing Muslim populations, the European nations are putting their collective heads in the sand, allowing radical imams and creeping Sharia law. (How ironic that the French who worried incessantly about the influence of American popular culture may find themselves facing a much more serious threat to their culture then "le Big Mac."

Steyn sees America as the final bulwark against an eventual Islamization of the civilized world. Let's hope he is right.

Monday, September 28, 2009


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